Update: 18 Aug 2017

All The Sims 3 downloads are transferred to About Sims.

Only The Sims 2 downloads are left for transfer.

Update: 30 Jul 2017

All Sims Life Stories downloads are now transferred to About Sims.

Update: 21 Jul 2017

After a very busy year with lots of personal stuff to attend to and not much time for my favorite Sims games and my site, I managed to transfer all The Sims 4 downloads to www.aboutsims.com

Will continue with the rest of the downloads and will try to complete as much as possible during summer time.

Update: 20 Jun 2016

All The Sims (1) downloads are transferred to About Sims.

It will sure take a lot of time for this move, but I am happy to share with you that LaLunaRossa and The Sims is moving to a new domain... Because it's not really about LaLunaRossa (that would be myself) and The Sims. It's simply... About Sims!

The new site is called About Sims and the new domain is www.aboutsims.com. Much sorter and hopefully easier to remember.

I sure hope that you will like the new site and that you will keep on visiting and looking for new content! As I said, it's all About Sims after all !!!

Happy Simming Everyone and have fun!