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LaLunaRossa and The Sims
LaLunaRossa and The Sims


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LaLunaRossa and The Sims
LaLunaRossa and The Sims




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My sincere thanks to all Sims friends who link to us and/or include us to their updates!

Sims Custom Content and Mods

While modding and sharing custom content are common practices in the Simmers world, you should always take into account the potential risks involved. It's your choice to use / install mods and custom content and it's your responsibility to safeguard your property.

Some basic advice:

  • Make sure you backup your data before any massive installations or before installing any mods and hacks.
  • Use mods and custom content with caution.
  • Read the description and documentation (if any) for info on any expansion pack or other requirements, potential conflicts with other mods or custom content, etc.
  • If you make a bad installation and your game is crashing, try removing all mods and custom content and see if this solves the problem. If not, safest solution unfortunately is to completely uninstall the game and re-install it. Starting all over again can be very ...traumatic but better this than not playing the game at all.