About Sims

The Sims Series is a life simulator game. The very first one was released back in February 2000 and we are now at The Sims 4. The whole series sold millions of copies, enjoyed and enjoying still great success.

If you consider fun controlling other people’s lives, you sure love this game. It’s beauty is the fact that – unlike your Sims, who have low free-will or no free-will if you choose to turn it off – you are free to use your imagination and write your own scenario. There are no specific objectives, no script to follow. It’s your game, your choices, your strategy.

What is even better is that you never see “The End” written on your screen. You keep on playing, modifying the leading “actors” and stories. And if something goes wrong (the meaning of wrong is for you to define), you can start over and change your Sims’ destiny, for better or for worse.

The best thing though about The Sims Series is that you can customize your game. Both EA and the amazing Sims community have developed various tools and cheats to enrich the content of the game and bring several alterations. In this respect, I try to do my part...

All custom content for Sims 1, Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4 and Sims Life Stories shared at LaLunaRossa and The Sims is 100% free for everyone to download. Hope you will enjoy.

Happy Sims hours everyone!

Sims Custom Content and Mods

While modding and sharing custom content are common practices in the Simmers world, you should always take into account the potential risks involved. It's your choice to use / install mods and custom content and it's your responsibility to safeguard your property.

Some basic advice:

  • Make sure you backup your data before any massive installations or before installing any mods and hacks.
  • Use mods and custom content with caution.
  • Read the description and documentation (if any) for info on any expansion pack or other requirements, potential conflicts with other mods or custom content, etc.
  • If you make a bad installation and your game is crashing, try removing all mods and custom content and see if this solves the problem. If not, safest solution unfortunately is to completely uninstall the game and re-install it. Starting all over again can be very ...traumatic but better this than not playing the game at all.